House Concerts

If you have a piano at home and you would like to have an evening out, without leaving the comfort of you own home, please consider inviting me over. I will serenade you with solo piano music, played on your piano.


In my solo piano performance, I will be playing (what I like to call) Improvised Compositions. Melodic, romantic, at times dramatic on-the-spot arrangements of originals, jazz standards and popular melodies. As an admirer of the music of Frank Zappa, I have arranged several of his compositions for solo piano and you might expect I throw in one of them when I come and play for you.


Here are a couple of excerpts of some of the pieces you can expect me to play during the concert.

Mr. Hoon – Fred Händl

Treacherous Cretins – Frank Zappa (arr. Fred Händl)

Toets – Fred Händl

In Mind – Fred Händl

Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance – Frank Zappa (arr. Fred Händl)


Here is a video, of me playing a short example of a Home Concert in my studio.

More information

When you book me for a Home Concert, I will be playing for approximately for one hour and entertain you with my music. Afterwards, there is always time for a chat, for I don’t do more than one concert per evening; so I won’t be pressed for time.

Enjoying music, an evening out in your own home, should be fun and relaxing 💛

So, if you would like me to come over and perform for you, please let me know and send a message to: and I will get back to you to make an appointment.

And of course you can always contact me if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you.

All the best,

~ Fred