Purple Rain Piano

Over the last couple of months, I have been working on this project. I bought an all black Opus Pianino and been working on it since. Yesterday, I layed the last hand on the project and I am proud to present to you: The Purple Rain Piano

When I started this project, I didn’t have an exact idea of what was going to happen. I wanted a glittery purple piano. After I stripped it, sanded it and spray-painted it purple, I decided to add some white pluche to the bottom and sides.

With that done, I wanted the piano to shine from the outside and so I added a couple of layers of sparkly-purple finish. And then, when I thought that was it, I got the the idea to dedicate this piano to Prince. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any picture of the whole process (I should have … and I definitely will for a next project) so I can only share the end result.

With the piano done (or so I thought), I was playing it and I imagined the front of it with words cut out of the wood. But what words? Then it struck me: Purple Rain – in the iconic font of the time. So, I had that made, sprayed it white paint … and there it was! Done! Or wait … not quite.

LIGHTS! Of course this baby needed some LED lights (preferably purple, of course) to light up the insight (giving the player a view of the hammers and for an overall cool look). Done, LED-lights installed.

To top it off, since the piano is smaller (less keys – 74 instead of 88) than a standard piano, I added some transport wheels and attached them to it (after painting them white, to fit the instrument). And that was that. But wait! One thing was still missing … the Prince Symbol. The one he used in the 1980’s. I made a hole in the top lid and added a 3D-printed coaster-like object, through which the LED-lights shine. And, after adding a Funko Prince Doll (#79) that I decorated with glitters, I was done. Really done. 💜

So, here it is: my Purple Rain Piano. It looks even cooler in real life. Really it does.

About the piano

On the inside, this is an Opus Pianino (by piano manufacturer Ibach). A smaller than normal piano (less keys – ranging from 8 to 81, instead of 1 to 88). Because of it’s size, it’s very popular with performing musicians, since it can be carried (although it’s still kinda heavy) with two people – and be used on stage.

The acoustic silencer gives the piano an almost Wurlitzer/Fender Rhodes sound. You can switch to the silent system by moving the wooden bar manually. It has only one pedal, which controls the sustain.

The sound of this piano is simply unique. Mainly because it has only two strings per key (instead of three), and of course because of its size. It’s a sound that is less ‘thick’ and/or warm than an average piano, but without sounding ‘tinny’. The lower octaved actually sound really quite low and full.

The instrument weighs about a 100 kilo (200 lbs) and, although quite a weight, it can be fairly easy transported.

Why am I selling?

Typing all this, I really wonder why I am actually selling it … it’s a lovely piano and, as a Prince fan myself, I think it looks amazing. It’s the fourth piano I customized and I daresay it turned out best! I would love to keep it, but I need to make room for a new project. Secretly I hope nobody is interested, for it will give me a good reason to keep it, but I am also looking forward to starting something new. With all but ample space in my studio, I can’t keep more than one piano (next to my baby grand). So that is why.

More Pictures and Video

Here’s some more pictures of the piano and a video of me showing you around the instrument.


If you are interested in purchasing, please let me know. My email is fredhandl72@gmail.com

Thank you. Have a great day. 💜

~ Fred