Over the years, I have released several albums. Some of those are still available online, others have disappeared in the abyss of time. Which is all good, for that’s how it goes.

You can find and listen to my music for free on my Bandcamp page.

~ Fred

Solo releases


ZAPPA – solo piano – [2020]

Train For Leaving – solo piano – [2020]

Molsons Dear – solo piano – [2019]

The Poodle Magic Pig Type – [2018]

Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa – [2015]

Re-provision – [1996]

Appeared on

Lemme Take You To The Beach
Boy Wonder, I Love you

Been To Kansas In A Minor

Been To Kansas In A Minor V2

What’s New In Baltimore / Aybe Sea

Son of Mr. Green Genes

Any Way The Wind Blows