Fred Händl

Hello girls and boys!

My name is Fred Händl; music teacher by day, performing musician and composer by night. Welcome to my website. Here, you will find ways to learn more about me, watch videos, read blog posts, look at photos, read news, get in touch with me and have a look at my custom pianos. There’s enough to do, so tuck in 😊

About me

There’s a lot of information out there on the interwebz. About pretty much anything on this planet (as well as outside of it). Also about me. And most of it is true. I say most, for not all your read about me is true. I’ll let you be the judge of what is, and what is not. But here’s some information that is all true. Really, it is.

My name is Fred Händl (without an e, and no, no relation to the great G.F. Händel) and I am a musician. I play several instruments, such as guitar, trumpet, saxophone, accordeon and synthesizer. And although I think I kinda know my way around those instruments, I only dare to call myself a pianist. For that’s the only instrument I have been playing pretty much my whole life. I don’t see myself as an exceptionally talented technical player (I know I am not), but I enjoy very much what I do and feel good enough about it that I want to share it; performing live, recording and teaching. I have (had) the honour to play with several great musicians/bands and peform as a solo pianist. It’s really what I like to do best. I love playing live and I hope this will be a regular thing again, soon – as I have really missed it.

Daily life

Six days a week, you can find me in The Yellow Hippo Studios. A lovely little studio, where I teach piano to students of all ages and all levels. Since around the years ’10, I make my living by teaching piano (music). Before that, I had many a boring job. The most boring being my last one, where I worked as an IT engineer. Thanks to the global crises at the time, I was made redundant and decided to convert my hobby into a job (I had always been teaching on the side, not so much for the extra finances but because I just liked it a lot). A decision easily taken, a bit less easily executed. But I did it. 😊

Since early 2015, I have my music studio/practice in The Yellow Hippo Studios in The Hague, and I wouldn’t trade it in for any other ‘working for a boss job’.

Besides teaching, I use this little studio to play piano, record music and spend some quality me-time. ☀️

What makes me tick

Short answer: Music.

Longer answer: People who know me, know that I am a total Frank Zappa nut. Ever since I discovered his music, I have become a total addict. His music, wit, views … it all seems to coincide. Having been a huge fan for over decades, his works still amaze me to this day. So, yes, he and all the marvelous music we inherited … that makes me tick. And then there is the heritage of Johann Sebastian Bach. Greatest. Composer. Ever. I could go on and on and on and on about JSB, but I won’t now. For it would take up all the space. I mean, like in ALL the space.

And then there is performing, recording, playing music together, listening to music together, raise glasses, travel, teaching, playing piano and customizing pianos. And then some. Music, you know? Music is the best. 💛

Recordings / Concerts

Over the years, I have recorded and released several albums. Most of them with original compositions and, since 2015, I have released three albums with my arrangemens of the music of Frank Zappa. You can find those recordings on my Bandcamp-page. I have tried to keep track of my live performances, but I totally suck at archiving (it’s actually a small miracle that I am able to more or less keep my teaching schedule organized…), but I never managed. I like to look at them as wonderful adventures that not necessarily need to be documented. I have the most wonderful memories of all of them, and that’s okay with me. I am sure you can find more about my live performances by doing a Google-search than asking me. 😊

ZAPPA the movie

One of the things I am really proud of, is that a snippet of the below video was used for the 2020 Alex Winter movie ZAPPA. On May 30th, 2018, I posted a solo piano version of Frank Zappa’s composition Oh No on YouTube. And some time later, I got an email from Trouper Productions asking if they could use a part of the audio of the clip for the upcoming movie. And speaking with Arthur Barrow’s words … Of Course I Said Yes.

Here’s that video:

As a great admirer of Frank Zappa's work(s), this was an absolute
honour for me! If you ever read this, Alex: "Thank you SO much!"

And Thank YOU 💐

Thank you for visiting my website.

Please feel free to contact me. It shouldn’t be too hard to find me, when you do a search for fredhandl . If that doesn’t work, send me an email 😊 –

All the best


~ Fred