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Händl plays Zappa – the updates

You can find all updates here … newest updates at the end

Update #1

Hello girls and boys,

This is a little update on the upcoming album Händl Plays Zappa. You are receiving this mail because you have pre-ordered a copy and I have put your mail address in a small group newsletter. This is the first update  🎹

These updates are only for those who pre-ordered and will keep you updated on the process and will reveal some inside information; things I won’t share publicly. 😊

Absolutely Free
One of the first tracks that I am preparing is a solo piano rendition of the song Absolutely Free. A track that I recorded a couple of years back for the album The Poodle Magic Pig Type. For this new recording I will use the same transcription I made for the other album, but with some subtle (and also less subtle) changes. I am looking forward to the actual recording of the track and I have raised the bar on a a couple of passages. Tricky, here and there, but hopefully it will all work out. 🤞

Filthy Habits
This is a new one for me. I played the keyboard part for this gem many times when I was on tour with Zappatika and Z.E.R.0., with Ike conducting the band. The mesmerizing vamp and Franks (and Ike’s for that matter) are breathtaking. I have given myself the task to arrange this composition for solo piano. I am still arranging and trying different angles … again, looking forward to recording this as well (as I am to the whole album!!).

100 copies only
Less than a week ago, I made the announcement for this album and as of today, July 6th, 40 copies have been sold. At this pace, all of them will be gone by next week. I feel ever so proud that so many people take an interest in my musical endeavours and I will do my utmost best to make this album worthwhile. 🎹

The reason for limiting this release to a 100 copies it not only financial (it does cost a lot to have the CDs made and the artwork printed – let alone the shipping), but I do this solely because I want to share this with people that I know are genuinely interested in the music. And because, since I am (trying to) doing all this myself, I find it hard enough to make sure all those 100 people get their parcel in the mail at some point. 😊

A hidden video
Here is a link to a video on YouTube that only those (read: you) with the link can see. I will try to put one up each update, so stay tuned!

Thank you, once again 🙏
Your support really means the world to me! I would appreciate if you could share one of these links about, to people you think might be interested in this album:

FACEBOOK: Händl Plays Zappa

Soon, I will be going on holidays and that means I will take a break from all online social things, so if you don’t hear from me for some time, I should be okay – enjoying Italy 🙂

Have a great weekend and until the next update! 💛


~ Fred

Update #2

Hello girls and boys,

This is update #2 (and the last one this summer). Actually, there is not much to update, but I felt like it anyway 💛

Well over half of the 100 copies have been accounted for and I am much looking forward to start recording – which I will be commencing in September.

And, as I said, there’s not much else to update, just that I have recorded a little something for all of you who pre ordered the upcoming project.

Please check it out: It’s simply called: Live July 16th, 2022

For now, I wish you a great summer! 🌻 🏖️ ☀️

Take care, and I will keep you posted 📀


~ Fred