Boerderij – Nov. 14 2014

My very first gig with Zappatika, featuring the amazing Jeff Hollie. Supporting The Grandmothers of Invention. What an amazing evening. And incredible to imagine all that happened in the years after. What a ride! Although the pandemic has put a lot on hold, I hope the continue on that journey. I love it so!

Nice detail … this was the first gig with Zappatika for me, after I joined the band a few months prior. It was also my very first gig EVER as a pianist. I played a Yamaha P-115 and I was standing throughout the whole 2.5 hour concert. It was the very last time I played a gig standing up. Next gig, also with Zappatika w/ Ike Willis, I was sitting down – at my KORG SV1 (more on that in another post).

Here’s some images of that memorable day.

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