The Poodle Magic Pig Type // 2018

Fred Händl – feat. Mark Watson
The Poodle MAgic Pig Type

The Poodle Magic Pig Type is an album with nine songs on the vinyl and digital edition and fourteen songs on the CD, all composed by Frank Zappa. Arranged, performed and produced by Fred Händl, with the collaboration of the following amazing people, who have made this whole project possible:

Alan White, for my picture. Andrew Greenaway, for my biography. Ben Faydherbe, for graphic design. Clint Walker, Corné van Hooijdonk, Larry St. Pierre, Richard Drakes and Stephen Jones for voice. Craig ‘Twister’ Steward, for the guitar solos on Dirty Love. Dan Cooper, for Ms. Pinky. Dave Lee, for the guitar and for playing bass on Ms. Pinky and backing bass on Peaches en Regalia. David Noodler, for guitars on Peaches en Regalia. Eliot Aitken (not Aitkin), for the solo on Uncle Remus. Herrie Friend, for the soundscape on Dirty Love. John Parkinson, for drums on Duke of Prunes and Ms. Pinky. Kevin Crosby, for advice, for Duke of Prunes, for bass on Peaches en Regalia, for Z.E.R.O.. Marcel van de Vondervoort, for co-producing, mixing, mastering, drums on Peaches en Regalia, drums on Stink-Foot, hospitality and goeie schik. Mark Watson, for narrating, for singing, for advice, for believing. Marko Nakari, for the guitar solo on Peaches en Regalia. Prairie Prince, for drums on Any Way The Wind Blows. Rupert Kettle, for guitar on Ms. Pinky. Steffen Schindler, for vocals on Oh No and Uncle Remus. Yhi Lee, for amazing artwork.


  1. Dirty Love 06:45
  2. Oh No 01:55
  3. Ms. Pinky 02:42
  4. Stinkfoot 04:13
  5. Absolutely Free 04:24
  6. Uncle Remus 03:56
  7. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance 01:55
  8. Any Way The Wind Blows 03:35
  9. Peaches en Regalia 04:09
  10. Watermelon in Easter Hay 07:02
  11. The Idiot Bastard Son 02:53
  12. Duke of Prunes 05:12
  13. Camarillo Brillo 06:22
  14. Mom & Dad 03:38


Released December 1, 2018

All tracks composed by Frank Zappa.
Arranged, performed and produced by Fred Händl.
Mixed, Mastered and Co-produced by Marcel van de Vondervoort at The Torture Garden Studio, Oss.
Duke of Prunes, produced by Kevin Crosby
Peaches en Regalia, produced by Marcel van de Vondervoort and co-produced by David Noodler