Needle and Thread w/ Mark Watson

Today, February 17th, 2021, the track Needle and Thread was released. It’s a sad story about a girl and the voices in her head, put to solo piano music and sound effects for eeriness. For this piece, I had the honour (again) to work with Mark Watson (vocals) and Bas Steemers (production).

The vocals of Needle and Thread were recorded in Haverhill (UK), the piano in The Yellow Hippo Studios in The Hague (NL) and it was produced in Studio B. in Houten (NL).

The piece is a stand-alone release and not part of an album and it’s available at my Bandcamp page. You can listen to the track for free. If you like it, please consider buying it for a buck (or more). With your donation, you are not only showing your support for my music, but also helping me to do more stuff like this. And buy a beer.

Thank you.

Click the image to go and listen to the track on Bandcamp.