Hello, girls and boys

Welcome to my website. My name is Fred Händl and I play the piano. I am a music teacher, performing musician and composer. I perform solo, as well as in ensembles and I compose (solo piano) music for movies and music videos.

I have released several albums of my own compositions and some with arrangements of the music of Frank Zappa. Download my music, free of charge, from my Bandcamp-page.

Thanks for checking out my page.

~ Fred


Here's a couple of videos I have recorded. There's a bunch more on my YouTube Channel. If you subscribe to the channel, you'll be the first to know when I've uploaded a new video.

Chi Mai - E. Morricone

Let's Make The Water Turn Black - F. Zappa

Smile My Love, I'll Cry Instead - F. Händl

Black Napkins (w/backing track) - F. Zappa

Quiet Storm - F. Händl

Watermelon In Easter Hay - F. Zappa

Albums / Discography

Over the years, I have released several albums. Some of those are still available online, others have disappeared in the abyss of time. Which is all good, for that's how it goes.


Solo releases

ZAPPA - solo piano

Train For Leaving - solo piano

Molsons Dear - solo piano

The Poodle Magic Pig Type -
feat. Mark Watson

Fred Händl Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa - feat. The Giacomo
Di Lindini Trio



Appeared on

Z.E.R.0. - Bläther
P: Lemme Take You To The Beach

Compilation - Lost Meat
Boy Wonder, I Love you

Compilation - Mappa Zappa EP
Been To Kansas In A Minor [2019]

Compilation - Mappa Zappa
Been To Kansas In A Minor

Z.E.R.0. - Santaville
P: What's New In Baltimore
P: Aybe Sea

Compliation - Son of Mr. Green Genes

Zappatika - Welcome to the
Starlight Lounge

Z.E.R.0. - Tolerance
P: Any Way The Wind Blows

Zappatika - Zappanale 26
w/ Denny Wally, Ike Willis, Craig 'Twister' Steward, Ed Mann, Bill Carbone, Jeff Hollie

Bookings / Commissions

As a perfoming musician, I am available for solo piano performances as a main act, or as supporting artist. I am also a composer of solo piano music, e.g. accompanying (short) videos and film.

A wall - Fred Händl

Hindenburg - Fred Händl

You can contact me for more information on bookings and commissions, by sending an email to: management@fredhandl.com .

Thank you for visiting my website. Be goode, now.

~ Fred