Hello, girls and boys

My name is Fred Händl; music teacher by day, performing musician and composer by night. Welcome to my website.

I have released several albums of my own compositions and some with arrangements of the music of Frank Zappa. Please visit my Bandcamp-page and check ’em out.

Here’s a couple of videos I have recorded. A bunch more you will find on my YouTube Channel. If you subscribe to the channel, you’ll be the first to know when I’ve uploaded a new video.

So, please do đź’›


Oh no – solo piano rendition

Here is a video of me playing an arrangement of Frank Zappa’s composition: Oh No. Recorded in May 2018 on my August Förster grand piano. A snippet of this recording can be heard in the 2020 Alex Winter movie: ZAPPA (released on November 27th).


As a great admirer of Frank Zappa’s work(s), this was an absolute honour for me! If you ever read this, Alex: “Thank you SO much!”

~ Fred

Treacherous Cretins – F. Zappa
The Lonely Man Theme – J. Harnell
Quiet Storm – F. Händl
Watermelon in Easter Hay – F. Zappa
Black Napkins w/ backing track – F. Zappa
Chi Mai – E. Morricone
Let’s Make The Water Turn Black – F. Zappa
Smile My love, I’ll Cry Instead – F. Ha¨ndl
A wall – by Fred Händl
The Hindenburg

Thanks for visiting!

~ Fred